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why a different keyboard design?

It is funny to see people criticize alternative MIDI keyboards. At least they are meant to be easier to play.

I can prove that the piano keyboard was a bad idea, its easy. See this?

It’s a finger stretcher for pianists. I don’t think there’s a similar torture device for other instruments.

Supposedly Robert Schumann ended his playing career with one of these by injuring his right hand.

Face it, the traditional piano keyboard is a BAD DESIGN. Its great that some companies are taking a chance and offering a better design.

You can read more here.

noise toys now come pre-bent.

Recently I was in the local Dollar Tree store, and came upon the toys below on a shelf.

yes, they cost a dollar each.

yes, they have TUNING knobs. Press a button and twist the knob for garbled craziness.

btw, they have only one real button, the four buttons visible are all connected in parallel…..

sounds later… soon as I install wider range pots.