Loud Objects’ Noise Toy

The Noise Toy is one of the simplest electronic kits I’ve ever seen. It’s an AVR microprocessor on a tiny board–apparently the smallest AVR available. You program it with software to make noises. This requires an AVR programmer and some knowledge of embedded-system programming (although the programming SW they recommend makes it fairly easy).

One thing I don’t get: what’s with the giant power switch?

Vacuum Tube/Neon Lamp Preamp

While not specifically synth related,  this features a neon lamp multivibrator, ostensibly for the purposes of creating a suboctave signal to mix in with the straight signal.  In this device, it more or less just creates a different type of distortion, albeit a cool one.

The housing is from a fried computer power supply.

Youtube clips to follow shortly:

Old news, but still….

We just have to bring up the notorious “swearing” Leapfrog Alphabet Pal. Idiots have been blubbering about it since it hit the toy market in 1999. Even David Sedaris has some comments about this “evil” toy.

It became such a popular meme, Leapfrog reprogrammed later versions to censor its speech.

Thankfully, Austin Cliffe of Creme Dementia did the proper thing with the “obscene” talking caterpillar.

Talking toys can be a problem. (not)

Oddly, Leapfrog’s corporate office is right next door to the office of Electronic Musician magazine. Is there a conspiracy here? 😉