Who is this guy??

Retrosonik is primitive and looks like it was abandoned years ago, some of the links are busted and there isn’t any information in Whois except the name James Phillips. I must say, his projects are amazing, what little we can see of them. (Although his spelling is awful.)

2 thoughts on “Who is this guy??”

  1. I was surprised to see some of my old projects, still kick’n around. I let the domain for Retrosonik.com lapse; as I was no longer maintaining the website. I have since built a recording studio called LimeStoneLabs, and write the sound track for a web series called Cafe Gangster (cafegangster.com) I am also head sound Engineer for Joe’s Chicago. If you go to my facebook page for the studio (Facebook.com/LSlabs) ; you can still see Syndi : my modular synth, and find a link to my soundcloud. I have also put up posts on Electro-Music.com under the user name “wobuse”.
    Thanks & keep it DIY!

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