Want to explore alternate tunings? Now it’s easy.

H-Pi has released a new, updated version of their Tuning Box. It does any arbitrary tuning setup, from Archytas Septimal to Just to Harry Partch’s 43-Tone Chromelodeon Scale to Johnston Enharmonic. You name it, if your MIDI synthesizer accepts pitch bend, this device ($299 is an amazing price) will generate the correct MIDI messages to make any alternate tuning or key reassignment desired. I’ve already ordered one for my own experimentation.


H-Pi also had something on its website that amused me.

Remember my post about unusual MIDI controllers last March? Well……

The New York Times ran a strangely familiar article four months later…..

The Electronic Peasant strikes again…..with a banjo synthesizer

His new pitch-CV processor and synthesizer was intended for processing the output of a banjo pickup with separate outputs for each string. Based on a Harry Bissell pitch-CV processor. The quality of the Peasant’s construction will embarrass most DIYers. (Not to mention his homebrew modular synth.) If you like to read about alternate controllers, here is a perfect example. How many other banjo players do you know of who build their own synthesizers?

And not only that, he has a lady friend, who is learning to DIY music electronics.