noise toys now come pre-bent.

Recently I was in the local Dollar Tree store, and came upon the toys below on a shelf.

yes, they cost a dollar each.

yes, they have TUNING knobs. Press a button and twist the knob for garbled craziness.

btw, they have only one real button, the four buttons visible are all connected in parallel…..

sounds later… soon as I install wider range pots.


Mini Modular built into Surplus Medical Hardware enclosure


The enclosure is reclaimed medical surplus, a Sleep Apnea machine controller. I gutted (hanging on to the nice rotary switches) and built some cool circuits into it!

3 Triangle Core Linear VCO’s with variable wave clipping
1 Clock Sequencer with attenuators (the ultimate LFO/ modulation source)
1 6 channel mixer with 2 attenators, 2 DC coupled (the rest AC coupled), 1/4″ out
1 external in/ expression pedal in (5V on ring for expression pedal)

I have some sounds:

make noise