Great album!

venetian snares
“Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole” by Venetian Snares.

Song titles are (no, I’m not making this up):
1. Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole
2. Winnipeg is a Dogshit Dildo
3. Winnipeg is Fucking Over
4. Winnipeg is Steven Stapleton’s Armpit
5. Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die
6. Winnipeg as Mandatory Scat Feed
7. Winnie the Dog Pooh
8. Winnipeg is a Boiling Pot of Cranberries
9. Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die * Spreading the Hepatitis SKM – ETR Style

Heh. Perhaps he doesn’t like Winnipeg.

baby 10 sequencer

shitty?  yes.  fun. sure?  deviant?

mark verbos designed this as a child; i built one as a big baby. we’ve used it on a lot of cheezy noizy sounds.  interested in a rotary sequencer, and due to its design, the 10 hour clockface was chosen.  crappy 555 internal clock , but also takes external clock.  the center rotary switch will change steps from 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10.  10 trig outs on the side.  case is from a kids wood puzzle set.  i have one more of these wood puzzle cases to be a companion to this corny  sequencer — not sure what simple, stand-alone module would be best…