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hate pickles

lamps lamps lamps

neon lamp osc with doorbell keyboard

goes into a 6au6 via depth/drive knob with a neon as a modulator –

inductor on the plate for tone

goes into a second 6au6 via depth/drive knob and neon as modulator

inductor on the plate for tone

6AL7 magic eye on the outputs

each modulator has rate knob and ‘range’ switch – one setting being

a .015 cap across the neons – the other setting being no cap between the neons

some how this works really nicely

you know i couldn’t do it without barbour’s help!!!

dave wright

sweet petey garbage synth

here’s pretty petey – i made it in 3 days – took another day to get on the panel. panel was a used

panel i had drilled holes into in 2000 (got the panel from weird stuff/nasa) – all pots were pulled

from a dead mixer – all chips and capacitors were pulled from dead electronics pcbs laying around.

the 3372 was pulled from my chroma polaris that went bad years ago (you do the membrane upgrade,

not me). – so vco / noise/vc mixer/vcf/vca with the asm-1 lfo and ian fritz’ ad/ar circuit. the vco is rene’s 4069 VCO – the noise is gravenhorst’s PIC based digital noise – which i had in another unit that i took apart. noise enters the synth through the VCO’s pulse width input via a pushpull pot/switch (pot is pitch) – – crap beats from mpc1k – midi from it to paia midi2cv8 to petey — sorry its not more deviant -b ut it is garbage. sorry the resistors and diodes were new….

make a noise swash sometime why not

made up a commonsound noise swash from scratch – built a 386amp w/ a real nice deep speaker
did the lfo add on – added some extra pots for impendence issues – really weird weird instrument – i recommend making one! these we’re recorded using the ‘line out’ – the speaker actually sounds allot better and the imp issues are crazy


the crackionet from dave wright – audio sample (work friendly)
combo cracklebox with the analog peasent’s idea of using electret mic
played like an ocarina – right hand holds and plays mute pushbutton
right hand holds unit and plays the contacts
sing/blow into microphone
made with a few trash spare pcbs and some standoffs
so its like some kind of wind instrument my ass

transistor fetish

klondyke transistor synth

no idea how it got the name klondyke – said i would post this when i finished it – months later… unijunction transistor based VCO scaled to keyboard (from dead juno106) – passive filtering either a warped sine wave or a weird pulse out via switch – output to passive ring modulator using old bat56 hot carrier shlongsky diodes – carrier signal is a multivibrator based around two transistors – switch to scale it to the same keys as first vco or free running – two knobs to tune the oscs – some switches – line out.piece of crapthat was the point – but i love it – slowly crawling out of my sound diy mental block (analness and dayjob)

wsg delux

wsg delux
ray wilson weird sound generator built into handmade box – added a ring modulator, 2 watt amp, big magnet big speaker,
two lfos each with speed, depth, symetry and smoothing pots – switchable to the vcf, voice a, voice b and resonance via 2 vactrols
heres an mp3