sweet petey garbage synth

here’s pretty petey – i made it in 3 days – took another day to get on the panel. panel was a used

panel i had drilled holes into in 2000 (got the panel from weird stuff/nasa) – all pots were pulled

from a dead mixer – all chips and capacitors were pulled from dead electronics pcbs laying around.

the 3372 was pulled from my chroma polaris that went bad years ago (you do the membrane upgrade,

not me). – so vco / noise/vc mixer/vcf/vca with the asm-1 lfo and ian fritz’ ad/ar circuit. the vco is rene’s 4069 VCO – the noise is gravenhorst’s PIC based digital noise – which i had in another unit that i took apart. noise enters the synth through the VCO’s pulse width input via a pushpull pot/switch (pot is pitch) – www.notbreathing.com/peteyjustdoinghisthing.mp3 – crap beats from mpc1k – midi from it to paia midi2cv8 to petey — sorry its not more deviant -b ut it is garbage. sorry the resistors and diodes were new….

3 thoughts on “sweet petey garbage synth”

  1. Great, good to hear you reused a chip from a dead Polaris. I can just hear the collector bastards muttering “how dare he scrap a Polaris, they’re so precious.”

    ….just ignore them.

    Too damn many “precious classics” of the 70s and 80s were cheaply and shoddily made and are now turning into rubbish, yet people continue to obsess (and pay too much $ for them). Membrane keypads were a bad idea no matter what they were attached to.

    (Don’t ask me about the Pro-One or the Polysix. Certain readers won’t like what I have to say. Already posted my feelings about the ARP Quadra.)

  2. thanks guys –

    do you know anything about the korg 2069 VCF/VCA chips? i picked up a DW-sometning synth at a thrift store – i wish it worked cuz my name is dave wright – but anyway i guted it cuz it was screwed up. curious if anyone on here has messed with the chip at all – i talked to someone who had – and got some pinout/info on the chips – but thats it so far.
    this goes onto the point of gutting ‘classics’ for parts. the way i see it – if you have it – use it. the vco chips from the polaris have been in my modular laquarto for awhile – but i moved them into the new modular nestor.

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