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Infernal Noise Machine v1.1

Six months later (original post):

Infernal Noise Machine v1.0

The picture is of the v1.0. The v1.0 used an out-of-production case, the v1.1 is in a slightly different housing.

I am doing a limited run of five of the v1.1. Each unit is completely hand-made and is personalized on the jack panel. The I.N.M. is the flagship of our semi-pro gear, and is intended for studio use. More information at >the I.N.M. page<.

New ways to make noise

Plague Bearer v1.1*

Plague Bearer v1.0

Plague Bearer v1.1 is now available for order!

*picture is of v1.0

Yup, been busy. Here’s more/other info from our July newsletter:

Now that the madness of developing the Parasite is over, we can tell you about some new developments and upcoming offerings.

  • Some of our behind-the-scenes business deals were finalized yesterday, enabling us to receive much better volume pricing on many components and services. Now we get to pass the savings on to you as well! For starters, the price of the Parasite is now just $185.00.
  • A stash of the enclosures used to build both the Parasite and the Plague Bearer has been discovered! We are happy to announce a run of twenty v1.1 Plague Bearers, at $240 each. Version 1.1 has a few changes, mostly internal – PCB layout tweaks and Power Supply changes. The patch panel will be all 3.5mm jacks as well. The Parasite v1.0 run has been extended to 50.


  • Modular versions of the Plague Bearer, Parasite, and the Infernal Noise Machine are in development.
  • The standalone version of the I.N.M and the Imp should be available soon, with custom wood enclosures, which leads us to:
  • We have expanded our crony resource list to include a custom cabinetry manufacturer, and will be offering custom wood enclosures soon.
  • And a few more things to be revealed in the future…