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Tumor Refilled Halo and 1934 Clough Brengle Beat Frequency Oscillator

HellFire Modulator Clone and Tube OscillatorThis is a picture of my homebrew Metasonix TS-21 Hellfire Modulator clone.  “Tumor Refilled Halo” is an anagram of the original name.  It is next to a 1934 Clough Brengle Beat Frquency Oscillator which works like a theremin in that it outputs the difference between two high frequency oscillating tubes for a very sweet sine wave, and instead of an antenna it has a dial for changing capacitance and thus the pitch.  There is also a home brew signal generator that I got on eBay.  The Two oscillators come together in the Frostwave Blue Ringer and their ring-modded output goes to the TS-21 clone.  That signal then is fed to a drum box and gated.  There is a demo file at  and the guts of the TS-21 are on display at