2 thoughts on “Weird MIDI interfaces”

  1. Nick Demopoulos’s Snomid.

    The Smomid is a unique instrument, created by Demopoulos. Its name is an acronym for “String Modeling Midi Device.

    In this video, Demopoulos is experimenting with the idea of using the Smomid to control drumbeats:

    I didn’t utilize all the functions I have, but some of them include reversing the directions of all the drum samples, different rhythms for different drums, scrambling up a drumbeat and having certain drums play random rhythms.

    See Demopoulos’s site for more info at http://www.nickdemopoulos.com/smomidelements/smomid2.html

  2. Joy Behar MIDI controller is better, but only for chiptunes or synth collector auctions… weird topic post criteria, I must say.

    This controller, however, seems less than strange to me, different at best. It’s a guitar influenced controller along the lines of guitar hero controller. One strum on one side, some note buttons on the other, maybe a bit more complex than the game controller but certainly not enough to scare the kids with… which is what weird is for.

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