Want to explore alternate tunings? Now it’s easy.

H-Pi has released a new, updated version of their Tuning Box. It does any arbitrary tuning setup, from Archytas Septimal to Just to Harry Partch’s 43-Tone Chromelodeon Scale to Johnston Enharmonic. You name it, if your MIDI synthesizer accepts pitch bend, this device ($299 is an amazing price) will generate the correct MIDI messages to make any alternate tuning or key reassignment desired. I’ve already ordered one for my own experimentation.


H-Pi also had something on its website that amused me.

Remember my post about unusual MIDI controllers last March? Well……

The New York Times ran a strangely familiar article four months later…..

7 thoughts on “Want to explore alternate tunings? Now it’s easy.”

  1. I’m planning on buying one of these in order to tune my Wretch Machine and various modular pitch sources. Please follow up with your experiences.

  2. Keep us posted on how the thing works. Microtuning my gear would be cool. I keep am Emu Proteus for that sole purpose, but if I could do my old analogs and crappy modular stuff instead that would be great.

  3. P.S. The editor for the H-Pi reads Scala files. Let me know if you’d like a zip file with 1500 or so tunings, including several Partch tunings.

  4. Nice! I’ve been interested in alternate tunings ever since I heard “Secrets of Synthesis” and “Beauty in the Beast”. I use alternate tunings in Logic Pro 8 already, but it’s nice to see a hardware unit that does it as well.

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