Even more what-the-hell-is-this stuff…..

Yet another Flickr gallery of pics of a homebrew synthesizer. No idea what it was or if he even finished it. The PC board looks like a kit but I don’t recognize it.

A Swedish DJ who is building a modular synth–apparently.

And here’s a really good photoset from the AHBA synth meeting last September. I don’t think Matrix ran this one.

Finally. Manmachine is a great comic. And features a “homebrew analog synthesizer”. Which the robot-oid protagonist apparently blows up after connecting power. (Scroll to the right using your mouse.) The creator ought to be encouraged to make more.

4 thoughts on “Even more what-the-hell-is-this stuff…..”

  1. Thanks for noticing us way back when. We do have the next book up online. And yes, there are synthesizers hidden in many of the pages. Synth music is a constant in Manmachine!

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