Rare inside views of two legendary modular synths.

First, in 2007 Matrix covered Greg Danner’s restoration of the notorious Sal-Mar Construction, an obscenely complex synthesizer from 1969 controlled by digital logic sequencers. What you didn’t know: Greg has a Flickr account full of photos of the restored Sal-Mar.

Also in 1969, Joel Chadabe had Moog build a modular synth along roughly similar lines–no keyboard, lots of sequencers. The innards of the CEMS are documented here.

One thought on “Rare inside views of two legendary modular synths.”

  1. Great to see the Sal-Mar on this website! I was a composition student of Sal’s at Illinois in the mid 80’s and saw the beast in action a number of times. Hearing about the Sal-Mar was was brought me to studying with him.

    BTW I’ve got a number of creations inspired by the Sal-Mar on the above site. I’ve created an account on WordPress but for some reason the user name (soundsfromthelab) isn’t recognized here. Have a look on the site and feel free to post things that look interesting.

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