sorry for the quiet time

Not many people have been posting to DS lately. So let me fill in with a new photo–this is the first of the Eurorack modules that Metasonix will introduce in 2009. First one is a combined tube distortion/VCA, using variable-mu pentodes (26A6s to be specific). Shown here is the first prototype. I’ve built 2 more, and they all work exactly alike, so it’s a solid and reliable design. Hopefully it will be ready to show at NAMM.r series module prototype

5 thoughts on “sorry for the quiet time”

  1. any chance of designing this for dual euro/fracrack format? the physical requirements are almost identical, so the biggest change would be 12 vs 15 volt power, which could be as simple as an optional regulator.

  2. Love it! When’s it going to be available… I’m wondering what other tube eurorack stuff you’re working on now!

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