Old news, but still….

We just have to bring up the notorious “swearing” Leapfrog Alphabet Pal. Idiots have been blubbering about it since it hit the toy market in 1999. Even David Sedaris has some comments about this “evil” toy.

It became such a popular meme, Leapfrog reprogrammed later versions to censor its speech.

Thankfully, Austin Cliffe of Creme Dementia did the proper thing with the “obscene” talking caterpillar.

Talking toys can be a problem. (not)

Oddly, Leapfrog’s corporate office is right next door to the office of Electronic Musician magazine. Is there a conspiracy here? 😉

One thought on “Old news, but still….”

  1. people love to freak out about stuff like this, don’t they? when i was a kid, my mom had a talking calculator, and i used to have a blast pressing 5 2 really fast to make it swear.

    obviously that’s the reason i’m who i am today.

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