All tube synth built in old Peavey mixer chassis

Based on the Eric Barbour schematics from the cgs synth website. Now I just have to build a keyboard controller, though it mangles my guitar quite nicely.

It contains a noise source, 2 VCO’s, 1 VCF, 1 VCA and a 2 channel mixer(from the old RCA tube book).

10 thoughts on “All tube synth built in old Peavey mixer chassis”

  1. wow! Very cool!
    I’d love to hear it if you get time to record something!
    Im sure thats a lot of fun jamming a guitar in there!
    How long have you been working on it?

  2. There really isn’t a unified schematic. I used the schematics for the separate modules as drawn. The only connections between them are with patch cables. The only exception is that I used a smaller cap between the plate and cathode of the 2d21 in the second vco, to give it a different range. Also, I used a bridge on the ps for the noise stage and mixer, to get a higher voltage for the 12ax7’s. I also used a 6ak5 in the vcf and a 6au6 in the vca instead of ef86’s.

    All schematics were found here:

    Just click on the “vacuum tubes” heading.

    The mixer schematic can be found in the back of any old or reprinted RCA tube manual. I can post that if you like, but it really isn’t anything special.

  3. Great Demos!
    Thats the kinda stuff that excites me.
    Thanks for posting, look forward to hearing more….(geez Im soooooo pushy aren’t I…)

  4. So I used this on a brief intro to a track that Microwaves are submitting for a compilation.

    The comp consists of songs that are 13 seconds long and is put out by Ratskin Records.

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