Great album!

venetian snares
“Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole” by Venetian Snares.

Song titles are (no, I’m not making this up):
1. Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole
2. Winnipeg is a Dogshit Dildo
3. Winnipeg is Fucking Over
4. Winnipeg is Steven Stapleton’s Armpit
5. Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die
6. Winnipeg as Mandatory Scat Feed
7. Winnie the Dog Pooh
8. Winnipeg is a Boiling Pot of Cranberries
9. Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die * Spreading the Hepatitis SKM – ETR Style

Heh. Perhaps he doesn’t like Winnipeg.

7 thoughts on “Great album!”

  1. Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole is a really great album. OI can’t say I like his new one, though.
    Dude oughtta have his license to use a string section revoked.

  2. I haven’t heard Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole, but I’m a big fan of the Hungarian album – whatever the fuck it’s actually called, Rozz Zilig Alakazam Shalakazoo or something.

  3. He’s from Winnipeg lol. So am I. He lives in a house with Fanny and Jamez (Other artists. Fanny does a good remix of Winnipeg Is A Boiling Pot Of Cranberries.)

    This is a fantastic album. I am also a big fan of “Rossz csillag alatt született”.

  4. Speaking of deviant synths, the song “Pwntendo” off the Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms is credited as being the first use of the Midines cart on a studio album.
    The Midines is basically a hacked NES cartridge that turns your old Nintendo into a retrotastic 8bit midi controlled synth. Very cool, very deviant.
    If I hadn’t sold my nintendo when I was a stupid teenager, I would totally fork out the $89.00 for one of these bad boys.

  5. Hell yes, I love that album.

    I would recommend seeing Venetian Snares live. At the last set I saw he ended by alternating pure white noise with a sine wave at 1000 Hz. Pretty much deafened the crowd.

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