baby 10 sequencer

shitty?  yes.  fun. sure?  deviant?

mark verbos designed this as a child; i built one as a big baby. we’ve used it on a lot of cheezy noizy sounds.  interested in a rotary sequencer, and due to its design, the 10 hour clockface was chosen.  crappy 555 internal clock , but also takes external clock.  the center rotary switch will change steps from 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10.  10 trig outs on the side.  case is from a kids wood puzzle set.  i have one more of these wood puzzle cases to be a companion to this corny  sequencer — not sure what simple, stand-alone module would be best…

5 thoughts on “baby 10 sequencer”

  1. looks like a fun one! thanks, i had’nt seen that page before. i’ll have to add it to my list of mfos to do’s.

  2. Is this using one of those 10-step CMOS chips? If so, I did something similar, (also with a 555 timer). I also used a 555 for a square wave oscillator, and had each step go to a different photo resistor feeding into the 555, so that the pitches are dependent on light… I made the speed of the stepper chip dependent on a photo resistor as well…

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