Persecuting the Persephone

So, in the year+ I’ve been working with the Wretch Machine, I’ve wanted to find as many ways as possible to control it. I’ve worked with sequencers, I’ve worked with a Yamaha CS-15, and all of them have been fun and useful for sending pitch data to the Wretch, but I’ve got a better solution: the Eowave Persephone:


It outputs CV from the ribbon, which I use the M#@g CP-251 attenuator to tweak a bit. It works really well. For trigger, I use the audio out of the Persephone which works perfectly as well.

To illustrate – I did a little tune:

Some drums, and some crappy pads in the background to form a point of reference for tuning. Note that this is my first two takes chopped up, and I am by no means a ribbon controller performer of any credibility. but I had fun.

4 thoughts on “Persecuting the Persephone”

  1. Hey.
    I also picked up a Persephone recently..very cool machine. Have you had any luck trying to play it back via midi? It seems very finnicky. Spits midi data out like a mofo though, but doesn’t like to take any orders.
    Thanks for the sample you posted’ll be fun pushing this machine.

  2. I haven’t used the midi at all -I’m curious to mess with it, but I primarily got the unit to use with the metasonix osc’s as it’s proven the best interface to use with them

  3. I saw a note that the CV out has pitch set to tip and velocity set to ring. Have you messed with the variation between them and how much their ranges actually vary?

  4. hallo
    I have a persephone, bought at in Milano Italy, great!, but the sound have some moise when I move on the ribbon, I don’t understand why: also your instrument?

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