Daddy, what did “Electronic organ” mean in 1950?

Well, dearie, it meant something like the Baldwin Orgasonic:

Inside a Baldwin Orgasonic

Thirty-six 6SN7s as oscillators and dividers.

(I estimate that the tube heaters alone consume about 200 watts.)

A 6L6 amp with a field-coil speaker.
Total weight about 500 pounds.

La la la.
Circuit-bend THAT, Mister LoFi!

7 thoughts on “Daddy, what did “Electronic organ” mean in 1950?”

  1. Wow. Holy carp.

    That looks remarkably like the Baldmin #5 that’s been sitting in my parents’ basement for… 12 years now? Got it free off usenet, still haven’t got it up and running though…

  2. A friend of mine GAVE me a tube organ once..
    It started to die in the basement, so before I removed all the tubes, I recorded the death throes. I’ve got to find the tape of it, I know it’s around somewhere!

  3. I have a Baldwin model 5, at least I believe it is, does anyone know how or where the model number is? I brought it home today and I’ve got to replace the power cord becuase Lord knows its a flippin 50 year old fire hazard. Also I’ve got to get speakers. So if anyone knows 1) where to find the model number 2) if there’s any special thing I need to do with the cord or 3) if there’s any special sort of speaker I need what it would be, I’d be greatly obliged! Thanks y’all!

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