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The Electric Western THERMATRON

Test of the THERMATRON flame controlled synthesizer by Lorin Edwin Parker from www.electricwestern.com:


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58lX3Uu9OOs

Ionized gas, chemicals, heat and applied high voltage conduct through a flame, modulating the impedance across the grid and or plate of vacuum tubes. This applies a control voltage to a Phantastron synthesizer.

The Parker Steam Synthesizer is finished (and works!)

Lorin Parker’s steam synthesizer was posted earlier, but the information linked was at least 2 years old…

Steam synth in operation

The steam synthesizer has been fully operational for more than a year!!

It generates electronic sound through a modified dynamo, and, well, hisses and clacks like a steam engine.. . No electricity is used to generate an electronic signal. Only fire, heat, steam and metal!

New video, audio and info about the Parker Steam Synthesizer can be found here: http://www.electricwestern.com/stynth.html

Furthermore, Lorin Parker has recently started Electric Western, a DIY oriented site for the dissemination of deviant and expressive electronic instruments. Many other instruments are showing up there as the site grows, and Electric Western will be providing unique kits and instruments in the near future.