Roli puts out a new Seaboard

And the worst part: people post it on social media and snipey little nobodies start attacking it for being “too expensive” and “oh I heard the keys were wrong or too close together or something” or “it doesn’t work with suchandsuch gear”, whine whine whine. Have a look at this Facebook thread for a perfect example. (Warning: you must be a member of the “Synthesizers and Drum Machines” FB group to see it.)

Nowhere else online can I find negative comments or reviews of Roli controllers — the tech and music blogs who covered it had good things to say. And NO ONE screamed that $299 was “too expensive”.

Facebook is a haven for petty attacks. For all I know the people on that thread were employed by competitors and being paid to knock down any innovative product. Seen it happen on Wikipedia over and over and Facebook is perfect for this kind of “carpet bombing”.

4 thoughts on “Roli puts out a new Seaboard”

  1. lol. idiot. actually read what people are saying. it’s an awesome entry level option into the Rolli’verse and i for one am EXCITED.

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