The Volt-Axxe

volt-axxe control cabinet
The Volt AxXe is a guitar-shaped control instrument that is capable of controlling 1 or more analog synthesizers through the use of control voltages.

It is comprised of four touch sensitive ribbons on the neck, as well as a programable switch and multi-dimensional touch surface on the body.

Each ribbon produces a 0-5 volt control voltage, as well as a 5 volt gate signal.

The multi-dimensional touch surface produces voltages X and Y, relative to Cartesian position on the surface. The touch surface produces voltage A, relative to the amount of surface area with which the user has contact, and also produces a 5 volt gate signal.

The ribbon voltages can be offset and scaled to any tuning configuration ranging from microtonal to macrotonal.

The Volt AxXe produces 13 individual control voltages, giving the user an unprecedented level of control. It opens the doors for many forms of musical articulation that were previously unavailable to the electronic musician. It is capable of facilitating performances ranging from realistic bass guitar-like performances to vast experimental soundscapes.

The Volt AxXe has been designed entirely in the analog domain.

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  1. Hi Anthony!

    It is all touch-based. I am working on a pick-shaped stylus that will work with the surface.


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