It appears that we are going into a dark period in electronic music. Meaning, if you can’t do it with an iPhone, it’s not worth doing. More and more iPhone music accessories and apps are pouring out.

The latest one, that is apparently winning awards despite not being manufactured yet, is the Artiphon. No doubt it’s very nice, expressive and cleverly designed. But it is also just another trendy iPhone attachment. Useless without the iPhone. If Apple goes under or stops making iPhones to fit it, it’s a dead product.

2 thoughts on ““Artiphon””

  1. I’m going to defend ios devices on this one. I can do microtonal synthesis and sequencing on my ipad. There are two other things I could do both of these things on, an ASR-x or an E-MU command station. As far as dead products, E-MU and Ensoniq are deader than any apple device will ever be

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