First there was the “rainboard”……

….and now we have the “Seaboard”.

It’s been announced all over the place: BBC (who stupidly call it a “sound system”), Synthtopia, Sonic State.

Predictably, it’s not yet in production, much less has a price tag attached — but already nerds are complaining about the price. Plus, the continued use of the aging MIDI protocol will limit its interfacing abilities to software or other synth electronics. I wish them luck, they’ll need it.

I almost forgot to mention the German made Endeavour controller. It, apparently, is actually shipping.

2 thoughts on “First there was the “rainboard”……”

  1. Bullshit. MIDI is more than 30 years old, slow as hell compared even to USB 1.0, and uses an antique connector.

    Hate iPads. Will never get one. IPhones too.

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