4 thoughts on “AirPiano”

  1. Meh, the videos gizmodo published hardly use it for anything that 8 knobs wouldn’t do.

    It has a theremin appeal, but those people are just doing “the robot” in front of it. How would a theremin sound if you where to dance the robot in front of it? Pretty crappy.

    Someone, please, link it to something that generates a continue spectrum of frequencies and send a video. This world needs more skills, more freedom, less sequencing, more leads, and less white noise.

  2. Steve Hobley interruption of Bernard Szajner laser harp, without the lasers.

    Interesting avant garde trigger but not really an instrument.

    I just noticed that they are hoping to apply for a patent, how they hope to accomplish this given the prior knowledge and I’m sure there is already a couple of patents covering general optical instruments.

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