I bet you didn’t know about this accordion MIDI controller

The Cool Chromaticover. You can’t really tell from these terrible product pages, but this is a standalone MIDI controller with velocity and several slightly different key arrangements available, that just happens to be made to fit over the keyboard on a Yamaha combo instrument. Unlike the Yamaha (or most other MIDI controllers) the Chromaticover appears to be really well-made, mostly metal with metal buttons.
The only dealer selling it (piens.be) is also the owner of the company making it (cool.be). Also strange is that very few people in the accordion world, or elsewhere, even know this product exists. I’ve found very few Google mentions of it.

(This was discovered by the diykeyboard group, who now have their own wiki.)

8 thoughts on “I bet you didn’t know about this accordion MIDI controller”

  1. Yes, I knew about this controller but I have been waiting for one to come out with just the left hand bass for the Tyros keyboard. There are probably just as many, if not more, piano accordion players out there that would love just the left hand button midi section so they would play the keyboard of the Tyros with their right hand. Is there one in the works?

  2. kellysmith / Fantastic! The majority of us prlbbaoy know that drummer who is always practicing, tapping on any surface available. Now computer-based musicians can turn that tapping into a real drum beat. It can also be changed to reproduce any musical instrument with the correct software.

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  4. Well, it’s just an overpriced, little know/sold MIDI controller.
    I suppose it would be a good idea to create a similar, but more reasonably priced MIDI box, which offers all and every Kbd player his/ her preferred type of Kbd layout… at the press of a button.
    The great thing with this type of controller is that it can drive any sound module, Synth or MIDI instrument.

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