From the YouTube video:
“6 oscs(cmos), 4 ring mods(cmos), passive vca(diodes), passive vcf(vactrol), decay generator, additional passive low pass filter (via rotary), 2 watt amp – some knobs n crap – a lunetta? the vca modulation is skankulation – i have a lil fet s&h between the 6th osc and the vca – no buffer not so good”

3 thoughts on “!! SKANKULATOR !!”

  1. Actually, truth be known, I’ve had this concept in my head for at least a dcedae and have been practicing that dumb banjo part far almost that long. I’ve always thought it would make a good Bluegrass song, the ending is basically a kick-butt blue grass song.It’s tough on the fingers though, I have to do finger exercises.But when I heard the Who were going to be the halftime act at the Superbowl, and with Snowmageddon I knew the time was now or never.

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