Things you won’t see on Matrixsynth. :P

First, the Infinite Response folding keyboard. I’ve seen folding keyboards before, but never one this nicely made. Even has a magnesium chassis.

Second, the Fender electric version of the Takaratomy Air Guitar. Now available from They also sell the acoustic version that Matrix ran a video of long ago, plus the FM3 Buddha Machine.

Also the Ta Horng iSmart roll-up soft keyboard.

And MiJam’s Pro Air Drummer. You can still buy some amazing gadgets at Toys R Us. In fact, MiJam makes all kinds of clever and great music toys. Most of which Matrix has never mentioned……

4 thoughts on “Things you won’t see on Matrixsynth. :P”

  1. They’ve been showing that Infinite Response keyboard for 5 years now. Did they ever ship one?

  2. If I recall correctly, that folding keyboard was outrageously expensive.

    miJam stuff is getting marked down at Target and I’m 80% sure I saw miJam stuff at Big Lots for uber cheap a month or so ago. I didn’t buy any though because I have to much crap half disassembled at the moment.

  3. Had a play on one of these at NAMM – wasn’t really too impressed – sure it can fold, but that’s about it. It’s nicely made until you look up close – it looks kinda like a big kids toy.

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