“How to make a Phantastron sing” article

Phantastron Schematic (Seely, 1950)

I posted a brief article on phantastrons and how to use them in audio synthesis on my Weblog at


Yes, there are schematics posted for the truly insane, and some suggestions to get you going. I was truly sad when I discovered that there really isn’t much info available on that great circuit of WWII radar!

Enjoy, and if you REALLY love it, you can feed me by getting a kit :). Maybe I’ll even cut you a deal or a swap if you’re a sufficiently deviant synther…

And, if you don’t already know, Electron-Tube Circuits by Samuel Seely and other old technical books are now in the public domain, and can be gotten at http://www.pmillett.com/technical_books_online.htm

Now, go forth and study! And do make something really tweaked, please.

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