If you build your own synth modules, you MUST join this Yahoo group.

Modular Synth Panels

Members include just about all the well-known DIYers. They post FPD files for their custom modules. FPD is Front Panel Designer, the software used by Schaeffer USA to allow hobbyists to design and order their own machine-engraved aluminum panels. All you do is load the proper FPD file in the program, and then you can order finished panels directly via internet connection. Or, use the panel layouts as masters to design your own custom panels. It’s a very easy-to-use, basic CAD program.

I’ve used Front Panel Designer for prototypes and custom jobs, and the resulting panels are beautiful. They are anodized, and various anodizing colors (and colors of engraved text and graphics) are available.

Some of the panels that group members have made:
Bob K Modular

3 thoughts on “If you build your own synth modules, you MUST join this Yahoo group.”

  1. You can actually bring the prices of the panels down a lot if you remove some of the front panel markings. Putting a bunch of numbers and tick marks around a dial can cost a lot. But it’s true, DIY modular synthesis is not an especially cheap hobby.

    Also, FPD runs under Wine, so you don’t even have to run Microsoft Jablowme or whatever to get these.

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