don’t call it steampunk…

Heres a shot of my modular as of about 12/07. I’ve been working on it off and on for about a year now.

The panels are brass and were etched at home using an electrolytic process.
I just moved, so progress has slowed down, but once this cabinet is stuffed I’m going to start a second ‘controller’ cabinet.
I chose brass because I can cheaply etch it at home. Panels run me about $2 ea. on average.
More pics HERE

crappy youtube vid HERE

4 thoughts on “don’t call it steampunk…”

  1. Excellent. I would make modules with brass panels, but then nobody would buy them. (It seems that most guys who buy modular synths want all the panels to look absolutely identical. Same color, same lettering, etc. Companies with Doepfer-compatible modules that aren’t plain anodized aluminum with black markings have a much harder time selling their modules–no matter what the modules actually do!)

    That said, you ought to offer to make such panels for other people. I know there are a lot of DIYers who would like to have engraved brass panels. THEY aren’t obsessed with appearance.

  2. blazingly good work. I’ve been trying to work up a new motif for panels, etc – these are inspiring.

    good luck shaking the steampunk label, it’s internet-rampant.

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