Still looking for an alternate MIDI controller

Forgot to check Doepfer. It’s great that Dieter is doing something different, and for that I salute him and encourage him.

The CTM64 is not only available now, you can even buy the separate parts and piece them together as needed. It handles up to 64 button inputs.
Doepfer CTM64
If you want to make an alternate controller, this looks to be the least costly way. The CTM64 main board is $135 from Analogue Haven. The 8×8 square matrix button board is 125 euros direct, ask Analogue Haven if they have them. You can always create your own. I’m thinking of getting a CTM64 and designing a PC board for a keyboard with a staggered key arrangement, using these tact switches. Caps are available for them—in 6 colors.

Now, if only Dieter would put out that touchplate keyboard he keeps showing……

7 thoughts on “Still looking for an alternate MIDI controller”

  1. Actually, someone else will have to come out with it first, so Dieter can rip it off.

  2. Hi. I wouldn’t recommend those switches from Mouser as they require 260g force. For a natural feeling button instrument you want 100 grams force or less.

  3. Actually for me this tips is very informative for me ..Thanks for the interesting post i wish i had ability to do it figured..THANK YOU!!:d

  4. @Mark
    I am the same way. I love putting new electronics together. I am always looking for new suggestions and ideas to keep me busy, so keep them coming!

  5. I was actually looking into the zero. Novation has an eye for making utilitarian products that aren’t to shabby looking either. However, my only hang up with the zero is that it has pads and sliders, which seems great, but when I look at it I just think, if only those pads and sliders were more rows of knobs, I could justify the purchase. Just not enough knobs to fill the shoes of the BCR. I see Livid makes a “Livid Code” which I might look into, however, I’m still definitely down with more suggestions.

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