Immanentize the eschaton

We’ve been having difficulties, but now we are back up and running.

(Thanks Mike! It turns out that a lot of WordPress users have had the same problem–

spammers have cracked WP’s system and are using it to generate phony ad revenue.

Of course, WP management are denying it.)

One thought on “Immanentize the eschaton”

  1. It won’t let me leave any more comments on the MIDI controller page, but I looked up the chromatone via some Japanese websites, and it appears that they are not yet shipping, though they may be taking preorders, and they sell for about $1600. The C-thru appears to be shipping and runs $1700. Both a bit steep, in my book. The chromatone looks like a toy casio or something. If it was $500 I would probably get one.

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