6 thoughts on “Guitar from Marz”

  1. My post has spam in it???
    If this is so, how would I look for it?

    ok, I found it, and removed it (I hope)
    in the Axe from Marz post.

    Now the question remains, how the F did THAT get there???
    Any Ideas?

  2. When I viewed the post in the editor I found the spam and removed it. I don’t see it any more and I hope you don’t either.
    Thanks for the heads-up, and even more thanks for assuming I did not post it in the first place (I did not). If anyone can explain how this happened, I would be most grateful. I’m wondering if I need to reset my password or something. Has this happened before? (I’m new here)

  3. spam is still there; only the links have changed.
    someone is doing this no matter what you do…
    change your password (if you can), cancel the post
    and set it up again.
    I haven`t got a clue on this.
    same shit happens in forums too…

  4. I removed it once a few days ago.
    It’s back again, and I removed it again.
    If there’s anyone out there that can help me track down the perpetrator, I’d appreciate it.

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