Holy F*

If you want weird synth music made with weird synths you want Holy Fuck. Yes, that is the name of the band.

Holy Fuck rocking out 1

A four piece improv synth-rock band from Toronto, Canada, their instruments include a drum set, bass guitar, and two tables of broken synths, wires, and weird electronic crap. And I assure you, they can rock a party. Witness the insanity herein. Listen to some of their “songs”. See them on tour through Europe. Buy their second album out in a few weeks. Holy crap!

Holy Fuck rocking out 2

(Images by amadeeeep)

3 thoughts on “Holy F*”

  1. Great band. I missed them at Nuit Blanche last weekend, but I heard it was sick performance. I also heard that they recently had a bunch of their gear stolen. Shitty. I hope someone didn’t pinch their film projector that they scratch with.

  2. You say… Listen to some of their “songs”

    the songs on the CBC site are quite conventional in structure. When someone puts “songs” in quotes like this, it makes me think of Eno or Stockhausen, not pop/rock like these guys.

    But they are cool, I must admit

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