closeups of Wurlitzer Sideman

The electronics chassis. Tube complement is one 6AV6, two 6C4, one 6BA6, and five 12AX7s. The trimpots control the resonance of the bandpass filters that make the drum tones. “SHIMMER GENERATOR” controls the decay time of the noise-based cymbal sounds. The inside of this chassis is quite impressive. Maybe later. (Does anyone out there have the schematic for the Sideman? Just curious. Repairing it is straightforward, but how this thing works is becoming interesting to me.)

Wurlitzer Sideman electronics chassis

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  1. i have a sideman mine is i great condition and sounds great id like to find more info on it like what kind of recto does it you i also have some extra transformers for it and it seems the yellow 5 volt filament is realy a 110 line any help wouldbe great mark

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