Welcome to – a music/musical equipment/ephemera related community centered blog with a difference.

We want ANARCHY. We want MADNESS. (no, not the fucking band.)

We want the readers to post twisted, schizophrenic bullshit–anything posted will be taken down if it is at all synth-collector-oriented, chiptune-related, dull, or sheeplike.

Otherwise, if it relates to electronic music somehow, fire away.

Photos of vintage keyboards are not welcome–unless they’re STRANGE keyboards. Links to ebay auctions of vintage gear are not welcome–unless it’s a homebrew piece of freaky warped weirdness.

The moderators of the Analogue Heaven mailing list are not welcome here.
Neither are the major traffic-generators from the AH list, OR from Synth-DIY. Links to schematics of exact copies of CS-80 filters are not welcome. Neither are links to fansites for Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Can, Tangerine Dream, Ultravox, Gay Fairy Twinkle, or any other hideous 70s or 80s funny-haircut nostalgia keyboard act. Nor is any Bob Moog fanboyism. Ass-kissers are kindly asked to use the Harmony Central forums instead–ass-kissing is Harmony Central’s main business.

All tech must be ODD. Germanium transistors, arcane synth modules, vacuum tubes, steam-powered piston oscillators, whatever–it has to be WRONG.

Unusual controllers are always welcome. If something looks like a Minimoog or has a piano-ish keyboard, it’s usually boring and we aren’t interested.

Press releases have to concern oddities, and must not come from any manufacturer who makes more than $100k per year.

Nothing against Matrixsynth or Music Thing, but they are just repeating, ad nauseaum, the same old neuroses of their readers–a gang of middle-aged owners of 30 broken Prophet-5s and/or 120 badly-scratched Fender Jaguars who want to get rich and become “music gods”, without actually doing anything.

Such people are counterproductive and do NOT aid the production of better, more interesting music. One must break eggs to make a delicious omelet.

11 thoughts on “Manifesto”

  1. Oh yeah: you need a WordPress account. We made it easy to get one, all you need is to have an email account to receive the login info.

  2. Cool, I like it. The web needs more of this stuff.

    I found this page thanks to Matrix, actually I followed the “Muff Wiggler Does it Again” link, but that link is gone now… I’m not crazy enough for you guys?

  3. I don’t agree on some manifesto points, but i post here because i’m a musician AND i make some of my musical instruments.

    i just think it could be a place for non “standard” sounding & looking devices.

    no more no less

  4. Yay and Woot.

    I’ve just re-discovered the joy of process music and academic style / early electronic music last week via the gift of the OHM complilation CD: Electronic music gurus 1948 – 1980. similarly to this site, it’s SO refreshing to hear music (and see instruments) that aren’t desperate to be loved, like so much of the ego-driven electropappery around.

    (Disclaimer: I produce ego-driven Electropappery because I love that too!)

    Consider this blog bookmarked!

  5. Congrats on DevintSynth! Found u by accident and i like the fresh perspective.
    All the best and hope to be reading more in the years to come.
    I will be back…

  6. ….ha ha….”a gang of middle-aged owners of 30 broken Prophet-5s”…..I swear you guys crack me up….I say you crack me up!
    …..that line alone deserves deviant synth in my favorites bar……

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