It’s amazing what you sometimes find on Deviant Art…….

…….in between thousands of badly-drawn furry and anime comic characters.

BTW, I don’t think Matrix or Music Thing have featured this guy yet. Good panel artwork, esp. for a 16-year old kid from Chicago. Looks like a FatMan board inside. Wonder if he ever finished it.

Zorgitron’s homemade synth

Zorg's synth

4 thoughts on “It’s amazing what you sometimes find on Deviant Art…….”

  1. Don’t criticize. At least he was trying to make something unique. How many homebrew synths did YOU make when you were 16?

  2. I built a Paia 4700 when I was 16. So nyah, nyah, nyah, or something equally clever.

    Anyway, I don’t care if he’s 16 or 61, my point was this isn’t very “deviant”, is it?

  3. damn right Nuke. black and white keys. lots of knobs…i can hear E.L.P playing in the background…

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